Mountain to Valley Relay 2013

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The main objectives of the Har La'Emek (Mountain to Valley) Association, which operates as a non- profit organization, are to promote long distance running by connecting people with the land and the environment, and combining group activities that unite people with nature and friends whom share common interests. The eleven association members and friends who take part in the association’s activities are Israelis, residents of the Jezreel Valley Regional Council. All dedicate a considerable part of their lives to both individual and social sport activities, and running in marathons and other long distance runs in Israel and around the world. The daily routine of the members includes joint runs in their Gal Ba'Emek running group. The Har Laemek (Mountain to Valley) relay race was initiated by the association members, after successfully experiencing similar races in the United States. The goal was to expose participants to spectacular landscapes and fulfilling the associations objectives. The association's goal is to conduct the Har Laemek (Mountain to Valley) relay race every year, on the first full-moon night after Passover, and to grant the participants the vital connection between mental and physical health, between the individual and the team while treating them all to the beautiful scenery of northern Israel. The relay could not take place without the wonderful support provided by the community of Timrat and its many volunteers that man the relay stations and assist with the wide range of logistics over the course of the race.
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